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Millions of Americans such as ourselves have taken to the streets to protest the (d)DT regime and the congressional Republicans, and their policies of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, war on the poor, deregulation, and anti-science.

We also protest (d)DT because we believe that he is illegitimate due to his business conflicts of interest and that he is a dangerous and unstable character who threatens the safety and security of this country and the world.

For all these reasons why we're in the streets, we need our leaders in the halls of government, the Democrats, to oppose him, his regime, and the congressional Republicans. They have a moral and constitutional obligation to do so. Further, we want the Democrats to succeed, and if the obstructionist Republicans under Obama are a case study, obstructionism doesn't seem to hurt electoral prospects; if anything, it helps.

Despite the moral necessity and strategic benefits of sustaining a unified front against the regime, the leadership of the Democratic Party seems missing in action. When it comes to messaging, congressional strategy, or organizing voters for electoral victory in 2018 or beyond, where are they?

A disheartening display of fecklessness and incoherence is unfolding in real time as the Democrats’ compromise on (d)DT’s cabinet nominees, a motley crew composed of the unqualified, the venal, and the criminal that embodies (d)DT's overall contempt for government and the rule of law.

The Senate has already confirmed four nominees as of this writing on 1/29/2017: torture and surveillance state proponent Mike Pompeo for CIA director (14 Democrats voted for him), Nikki Haley who has no foreign policy experience for UN Ambassador (only 4 Democrats voted nay), James Mattis who breaks the principle of civilian leadership of the military and needed a waiver to not violate the law for Department of Defense (only 1 Democrat voted nay), and John Kelly for Department of Homeland Security (only 11 Democrats voted nay). We included all but Kelly in the video because we argue that they too should have received a 'no' vote by the Democrats.

Moreover, progressive Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Sherrod Brown have stated their intention to vote for Ben Carson who has no experience in urban planning or housing policy and who was ostensibly chosen because of (d)DT’s reflexive conflation of the word ‘urban’ with the totality of black politics.

We think this is wrong. We think the Democrats should ‘grow a spine’ and ‘hold the line’ which is why we wrote this song. We think they should do better on this early of many tests of moral courage, of rhetorical coherence, of strategic foresight. Democrats should follow the lead of the American people protesting around the country and say ‘NO!’ to (d)DT's picks and his agenda.


released January 30, 2017



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idiopathy New York

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